So, you’ve decided to cash out your pension and pick up Apple’s latest iteration of their flagship mobile phones, the iPhone X. The new iPhone comes packed with new features, hardware and an all new interface for you to play with. Now that you have your new phone, here are a few things that you should try out. 

Use Animoji 

One of Apple’s more periphery changes to the new iPhone is the inclusion of new customisable animated emojis that use face mapping to apply your expressions to an animal, with options including a monkey, a lion and a fox. Animojis are a fun way to add a bit of personality to your messaging and are a particularly great way to show off your new purchase to your less lucky friends. 

Learn all the new Swipes and Button Presses 

The iPhone X has said goodbye to the home button which has been a mainstay in iPhones from the beginning and almost all other smartphones as well. To replace the functionality that the home button had, Apple have implemented a new system of gestures and side button presses to perform the same actions. For example, swiping down diagonally from the top left of the screen will bring up your notifications, and swiping down at the bottom of an app will return you to your home screen.  

Learning these new gestures is basically like learning a new language, so make sure that you follow the tutorials that appear when you first start up your iPhone X and look around online for some in-depth tutorials. You’ll soon be zipping around the new interface like a pro. 

Record Some 4K Video 

Probably one of the biggest positive additions in the iPhone X is its ability to film video in stunning 4K. The change from HD to 4K is as different as night and day, and with 4K your videos have never looked better. iPhones have always been a bit of a step above the rest when it comes to photo and video quality, but with the new 4K video you’ll be able to record videos that make the rest pale in comparison. 

Take Advantage of FaceID 

Apple really led the charge on the implementation of finger scanners in smartphones and you’re probably more than well aware of how positive an impact this has been for convenience. Finger scanning allowed you to unlock your phone, use Apple Pay, and access your accounts all with a single press. Now Apple are innovating once again with the addition of FaceID to the iPhone. Now you can do everything you could with finger scanning, but without having to touch a thing. FaceID uses your face as a password, ensuring that only you can gain access to your iPhone X. Neat, right? 

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