There is always something new to find every day on the App Store, with a constant tide of new games, apps and more being uploaded all the time. With such a big selection, you might have missed out on some really great apps, so in this blog, I’m going to cover just a few of what I think are some of the best iOS apps at the moment. 


This is a really useful app for organising all of those films, books and albums that you’ve been saying “you’re definitely going to try next week” for the last decade. You can add all of these pieces of media to your list to keep track of them before you inevitably forget, or you could take a look at the app’s suggestions to find even more things to check out. 


Keeping a journal can be a fun way to track your thoughts and feelings over time, and then look back to see what you felt on any one day. Cove offers a new novel way to keep a journal, by offering some simple musical creation tools to log your emotions. You can choose the basic tone of your feelings and then layer more music and sound over the top. It can be really interesting to look back and listen to your own creations after you’ve been using this app for a while. 

Great Little Place

It’s pretty much all in the name of the app. Great Little Place offers a list of recommendations of great little places to go for a day out or a bite to eat. This app is the perfect way to discover some of the lesser known establishments in your area, and you never know you might just find a new favourite to rave about. 


Colouring books for adults are all the rage nowadays, and not without reason. They can be a really pleasant way to lay back and relax and let out some of that pent-up stress from work. Lake is basically a colouring book in app form, with lots of colour palettes and painting options to choose with. The app comes with some colouring book for free, and you can unlock more with in-app purchases or with a subscription that gives you access to the lot. 


This is a pretty simple, but very addictive game based around your reaction times. Time your taps carefully as you hit moving shapes while enjoying the game’s attractive music and visuals. That’s about all there is to it, but it can make for a surprisingly attention-grabbing experience. 

Sky Guide AR

This is the only app on this list that has an upfront cost, but I think it is certainly worth the cost. Taking advantage of iOS 11’s augmented reality, Sky Guide AR allows you to point your camera at the sky and see constellations and other stellar objects highlighted in the night sky. More than just a novelty, this app can be a lovely way to learn more about astronomy and our place in the universe. 

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